We’re determined to empower our partners : publishers, advertisers and agencies to innovate with our platform.

ClickTv is changing the face of TV and Online advertising across the globe with a creative measurable advertisement Offline and Online, expanding the options that are available to companies who wish to expand their customer reach.

We offer programmatic buying & selling, TV/Video offline and online technology. We are a global leader in the advertising industry, setting new standards in terms of efficiency, public reach and sector targeting. Our close ties with over 250 popular TV channels and over 1000 leading international websites around the globe have set the company one step ahead of the pack.

Since its very beginning in 2004, the company has been operating with a 100% focus on the global market, a necessity in today’s evolving world in which market opportunities are greater than ever, but infiltration is much more complex. The company's innovative “integration and optimization" approach provides total control over value, increasing revenue and profit for both advertisers and publishers.

The company provides comprehensive solutions for each advertiser according to his special needs. Our solutions enable precise targeting of selected market sectors including both online and TV audiences around the world. As such, we are able to offer our customers maximum penetration of target audiences at a lower cost, stretching the reach of their advertising budget to new boundaries.

ClickTv is managed by an experienced team of dedicated professionals, veterans in the field of advertising, who are able to offer our customers accurate and profitable media planning, and optimization of full campaign value chains. We do so by employing our very own proprietary technology, methodologies, and by aggregating media for increased global reach.

Global Presence

  • New York
  • London
  • Berlin
  • Nicosia
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