Our Innovative Technology


ClickTv offers programmatic one stop measurable media buying & selling, TV and video offline and online technology.

Our easy-to-use technology tools lets take care of the whole process - create your media ad, buy and sell only measurable advertising and control with online real time reports all from a single interface and across a global market.

Using ClickTv advanced platform you can easily measure your offline TV campaign and online video pre-roll ads by tracking entries and clicks to your dedicated domain precisely. Get in-depth insights into how the campaign is delivering and performing, what's working and what's not. Identify valuable opportunities and adopt the most appropriate marketing strategy to drive sales.

Creating advertising campaigns that engage consumers and capture their attention requires insights and this is exactly what ClickTv provides through this new solution. Effectively we engage the target audience with promotional campaigns offering consumers bonuses and using bespoke creative made by our creative team.

Our solution provides precise targeting of selected market sectors, including both online and TV audiences around the world. As such, we are able to offer our customers maximum penetration of target audiences at a lower cost, stretching the reach of their advertising budget to new boundaries.

With our cross platform advertisers get brand and performance-based campaigns in one stop, for maximum impact, brand engagement, recall and consideration.

Publishers can maximize and control revenue with their current relationships while being exposed to new demand which means new sources of revenue.


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    Our platform produces the advertiser with a special dedicated domain suited to the advertiser’s campaign promotion

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    The system counts each entry to the dedicated domain where only unique and anti-robot entries are being counted

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    The system automatically redirects the customers from the dedicated domain they entered to the advertiser’s site

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    Track entries to the dedicated domain – Online transparent customized, detailed reports using multiple dimensions

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    Online account balance and revenue reports – Accessible directly on our portal